Welcome to Little Havana Tours!

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Welcome to Little Havana Tours!

We are excited to unveil this new experience to share with visitors and locals alike.
There is much to learn and discover.

Little Havana is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Miami. It has evolved over the years until the 1960's when Cuban exiles settled here in escaping Castro's regime.

Time stopped in Havana, Cuba with the revolution in 1959 and takeover of the island led by Fidel Castro. Time also stopped in Riverside, what is now called Little Havana.  While it remains a humble neighborhood since that time, Little Havana also has preserved many traditions and landmarks.  A passerby may think "there is nothing here but old and rundown buildings".  Aah therein lies the misconception. Behind every unassuming building, landmark, establishment and even people, is a rich history full of fascinating stories and traditions quietly carried on to this day.

Little Havana Tour guides share that history as you walk the area and meet and talk to locals.


We offer daily walking tours and private tours for those who wish to tailor a tour to their interests.
Daily walking tours start at 10am when it's cooler and lasts 3 hours. This covers all cultural highlights plus lunch the final hour for a great sampling of savory homemade Cuban cooking.


At Little Havana Tours we are flexible and can tailor a tour to cover and delve into a combination of cultural highlights. For example more history (Bay of Pigs battle and meeting survivors and learn political viewpoints past and present); Food & Drink tour focusing more on authentic recipes and influences. A Cocktail tour with a mojito, a classic Cuban drink and other concoctions. Combine that with learning about and even rolling your own cigar! A Cocktail, Wine and Cigar Tour! Of course Music & Dance are a major part of Cuban life. Learn basic dance steps. We promise we can teach anyone with zero rhythm and two left feet, basics to one dance! Ladies, your husbands will gain confidence and may be willing to hit the dance floor later that evening.

 These tours begin at your time preference, although we may have recommendations based on your interests and which establishments are open at certain times.

Please contact us well in advance.  Many establishments open and close Cuban time (which means anytime), and during high season (December through May) everyone is busy.

All tours are walking.  No transportation is provided.  For groups we can recommend bus company. Uber is also great way to get around.

Little Havana Walking Tour
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