Saturday, November 26, 2016

Welcome to the Little Havana Cultural Tour


Watch history unfold as US thaws its 50 year policy towards Cuba.  The Little Havana Cultural Tour (LHCT) goes beyond the touristy glossy surface and delves into the political, religious and social customs that have had significant influence and transformation of a major city.  Take a regular or private tour with a reputable guide through one of Miami's oldest neighborhoods where waves of Cuban refugees changed the landscape every decade.

This cultural tour* winds you through a humble but lively neighborhood, a kaleidoscope of culture, traditional customs, and vivid colors. Amble down memorial boulevard that marks the site of  Bay of Pigs memorial, and statues of historic leaders in Cuban history. Continue down famed "Calle 8" (or 8th street) to  the very location where the Bay of Pigs was planned,  and the fountain of youth called Domino Park. Sample pure sugar cane juice from a local fruit market, the classic Cuban Sandwich and a homemade hot sitdown meal at a family restaurant, and watch cigar rollers follow a decades-old technique to create the finest cigars. The owner, a third generation cigar roller, shares the history and myth vs. fact.

Best Value in Miami for only $45 per person including the food!
(Vegetarians, vegans, pork-free and other dietary restrictions are permitted)

If your schedule does not permit for the 10am tour lasting 3 hours, we now offer an abbreviated tour at 11am for 90 minutes. This is the glossy postcard version but does not include any food.

Enjoy this boutique service, where Christine or Flavia can answer any questions about the history, the people, and the politics. LHWT has a thumb on the pulse of this pocket neighborhood, where Christine and Flavia will introduce you to Cuban exiles and the second generation who run the mom-and-pop shops. We've had the distinct honor to meet and talk with survivors of Bay of Pigs battle and share their insight and stories of factual accounts.

 The guide also gladly takes your photos for your entire group so no one is left out. It's like having a concierge, tour guide, local friend all in one.

(*Note: Please know there is not a lot of walking on this tour compared to our South Beach Art Deco Walking Tour. All the main highlights are concentrated within a four block area. )

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FOOD SAMPLES INCLUDED IN THE TOUR: a preplanned menu is selected. Coffee, sodas, juices, and alcoholic beverages are not included but may be purchased by client on their own.

AVAILABILITY OF The Little Havana Cultural Tour
Daily at 10:00am
Duration 3 hours, ( includes food)
Book online now!

AVAILABILITY of  Little Havana Quick Tour
Daily: 11:00am
Duration 90 minutes (no food)
Book online now!

For cost of tour and reservations for further dates, click here.

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