Friday, November 11, 2011


Keith and Blake Bankwitz (father and son)
At the Cuban Cigar Company in Little Havana with Pedro Bella III
(August 21, 2011)

This was a memorable tour where Christine brought to life the fascinating history of this working class neighborhood that was once the proposed Hollywood of the south for movie-making films.
Alex and Cindy Crawford, Minnesota (July 2011)

As history and cultural buffs we immensely enjoyed this tour. Christine thoroughly presented the struggles of Cuban immigrants, the cultures and traditions carried over, and the firework politics from Cuba to Miami to Washington will expand your knowledge and heighten your awareness of  the constant debate of US policy toward the communist island just 90 miles away. 
It helps to have a tour guide that speaks Spanish. We sampled a Cuban sandwich (delicioso!) and tried pure sugar cane juice and the  market owner happen to be there and explained the difference in the coconuts. Who knew!"
E. Tamayo, Texas (June 2011)

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