Friday, November 25, 2016

Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies at age 90, Miami Cuban Exiles React

Fidel Castro in 1979 at age 73
Breaking news that the former leader of Cuba, Fidel Castro, has died at age 90.

Emotions are high. Cuban exiles in the city of Miami are crying tears of relief and joy in celebration. As expected, reporters in Miami are covering the news at length interviewing Cubans of all ages from exiles, to their children and grandchildren who have been raised with stories of tyranny, religious and political persecution, etc.

For those not familiar with Cuban exile history, harsh words are spoken by many here in Miami including the Cuban mayor, television reporters, US representative, and the average working class individual. They consider him the modern day terrorist and only regret he was never charged with crimes against humanity.

Fidel Castro was the nemesis of 10 Presidents and proud to have outlived most of them.

Left: high school picture of 1945; Right: Castro in 1960 after the revolution

One Cuban reporter offered these words of hope:
The break in the symbolism that is Fidel Castro, just might be the crack in the foundation that triggers faster change.

 "We are not celebrating the death of a man but the end of a dictatorship", said one middle-aged Cuban American woman.

1979: Fidel Castrol, Saddam Hussein, Raul Castro during Hussein's visit to Cuba
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