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Christine Michaels is the creator of the Little Havana Cultural Tour. A native Floridian, Christine is the daughter of immigrant parents who met in St. Louis, Missouri in the 1960s.  Her mother is from Ecuador and her father from Poland. Armed with a Masters Degree in business and undergraduate degree in both business and international relations, launching and operating a cultural walking tour combines both her passions. Her fluency in Spanish also elevates the tour as Christine can readily translate conversations or questions/answers with locals.

Grateful for her multicultural heritage, Christine has had the opportunity to travel the globe to gain insight into the fabric of life of many cultures. Since she was a child Christine spent many summer vacations in Ecuador a month at a time. She also studied in Valencia, Spain during college. More unique was a rare visit to Poland and Czechoslovakia with her family during the Cold War and to witness the Communist way of life first hand when visiting relatives.  Some of her Ecuadorian cousins have migrated to Australia where Christine spent a month exploring Sydney and the Gold Coast. A highlight was a birthday trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu in Peru (2014). More recent were trips to Marbella Spain (2016), and Paris and London (August 2017), Brighton England, Sussex England, and London England July (2018).

With an affinity for culture and history, and an appreciation for her backyard, it was a natural progression for Christine to offer this unique tour offering deep insight into a cultural gem.

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Flavia Caldas is the lead tour guide for this popular cultural tour. A native of Brazil, Flavia started her career in television production. Observing people and their subjects behind the scenes motivated her to delve deeper into history, various cultures as well as the arts and architecture. In moving to Miami, consumed the highlights of Miami and soon launched a blog www.miamando.com. Here Flavia shares her impressions and tips on Miami culture and activities to fellow Brazilians ranging from festivals, to concerts, art scenes, dancing places, food trucks and best restaurants. With a passion for authentic Cuban cuisine and coffee and the ability to dance salsa, samba and Flamenco, a it was a natural fit for Flavia to lead the Little Havana Cultural Tour.  Flavia is fully immersed in the neighborhood and has a thumb on the pulse on the Cuban  social, economic, and politic veins as it impacts greater Miami.

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Anneliese Morales is the newest member of the team and is a natural fit, proudly giving tours of her backyard from the tender age of three from her stroller.   Her passion extends well beyond to pointing to buildings and recounting nuggets of history.  Not only has Anneliese witnessed the transformation of Miami the past 40+ years, but she connects with neighbors, locals, business owners and politicians, always with a thumb on the pulse of all issues related to Little Havana, Riverside and downtown Miami.  Anneliese is no stranger to city buses and is accustomed to walking, allowing her to relate to daily life. Her personal accounts are better than any book.  She recalls family week nights out and attending the Tower Theater with her grandmother. Her love of the arts continues as she leads art walking tours in Little Havana.   Anneliese is a tireless activist in promoting and championing community, economic development and sustainability.


All three guides not only work in Little Havana, they live it.  Whether it's ordering a colada (Cuban coffee) at a "ventanita", or pastry at the local bakery; or sitting and chatting with locals at Domino Park or marketplace, or taking bachata or tango dance lessons at local studios, these ladies are immersed in the culture. With a thumb on the pulse of the neighborhood, that knowledge and passion for imparting an authentic experience is paramount to Little Havana Tours.

Come join us for an educational and enlightening cultural tour of Little Havana with Flavia, Anneliese and Christine!