Is there a lot of walking involved?

No there is not much walking as you are strolling within a 4 block radius for two hours. There is plenty of opportunity to sit briefly when sampling the Cuban coffee, the ice cream, or admiring artwork at the gallery.  For the walking tour with food, we sit down the final 45 minutes in nice cool air condition, unlike other food tours that are mostly standing outside in the heat.

The daily tour is within four blocks of the main street (SW 8th Street).

Is the tour mostly indoor or outdoor?

The tour is 60% outdoor and 40% indoor under shelter or in air condition.
It is recommended to always carry small umbrella in case of passing rain.
 Given that we are a walking tour, we track the rain statistics.
 90% of the time heavy showers do not last more than 20 minutes in Little Havana area.
Light rain may continue.  Tours continue rain or shine.

For example, while there may be a downpour at the beginning of a tour (this is very rare; most downpours occur in afternoon and typically in summertime) we are under shelter, and as we finish the introduction, rain stops in time to cool down the weather for the rest of our tour.

Are the stops congested with lots of tourists and are there less tourist traffic areas to discover?

In high season, November through May, there are a few stops that are heavily congested given the booming interest in Little Havana. These stops are cultural highlights of the Cuban life and they are unique and therefore there is no alternative. If you prefer no crowds but still experience the vibrancy, we recommend a weekday tour, Tuesday or Wednesday at 10am are ideal.

Our tour is very popular for many reasons. One of them is that we start at 10am when it's cooler and comfortable, and the establishments are not crowded with larger tours yet.  And as it starts to heat up at noon time, we sit down in air condition for the grand finale lunch. This way you can revisit certain stops on your own after the tour.

To get off the beaten path, simply email us requesting a Private Rooster tour.

Do you offer private or afternoon tours? 

Yes! Our private tours are very popular. For only $10 more than other large group tours you can receive a very private VIP experience. We offer tours throughout the day at your preference. Our office will make recommendations based on what you would like to focus and crowd levels.  High season is December through May and it is suggested to book your private tour well in advance.

 Please contact our office to arrange your private tour. info@artdecotours.com

Can you accommodate food restrictions?

Yes we can accommodate vegetarians, pork-free, and gluten-free requests. If you sign up for the Walking & Food Tour, please advise the company if you have any dietary restrictions.

Do you offer evening tours?

We do offer tours late afternoon/early evening. However, as Little Havana is a family neighborhood, much of the vibrancy fades around 5pm when shops close. The neighborhood is much more subdued.  However, one can still learn about the culture through our private Little Havana Art & Cocktail tour. In visiting hidden gem art galleries and sharing the story of the artist or art collector we take you on a journey of migration, dreams, struggles and a city and culture evolving as a direct result.

 Please contact our office to arrange your private tour. info@artdecotours.com

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